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James Stafford

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With over 10 years of experience, I specialize in New Thought and esoteric principles to help you enhance self-awareness, develop self-worth, and transform your life from the inside out. By becoming more self-aware and transforming your inner self, you can consciously create the life you desire.

How do I know?
Because I have lived it.

“You Have to Go There Yourself.” I Had to Do It. No Excuses for Later Like Someone Dragged Me There. It Had to Be My Decision and My Action. And That Was the “moment” of Change and a Whole New Life. Best Decision I Ever Made. Thank You, James! Blessings to You and Everyone Reading Your Story!
Carl Bradshaw
You Fell Into That Big Dark Hole and Pulled Yourself Out. Well Done! You Inspire Me in My Work as a Psychologist to Keep Going No Matter How Hard It is. You Created Your Own Path … a New Path. You Showed Us That We Can All Create Our Own Paths and Participate in Life. Thank You!
Charley Strickland
Thank You! Most of Our Friends (for a Number of Reasons—mainly Because We Prefer Them) Are Recovering Alcoholics, and in My Opinion, You Are on the Right Side of History, Having Experienced Something That Enables You to Piercingly See Into the Lives Around You, and Keep Yours Right! There is a Boddhisatva Vow, to Save All Sentient Beings—your Example is a Force Pulling the Rest of Us Up! Again, Thanks!
Sam DuBois

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